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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want your business to be listed on Google maps for the services you provide?

Does SEO Really Work?

When you ask yourself as a small business owner, “How do I get my business website on Google”… you will begin your journey online and of course use Google as your starting point. You will begin to see many internet marketing agencies and digital marketing companies that use terminology you never really heard of or thought about before your search. You will then ask yourself, “Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) really work”?

When you find the right SEO agency and allocate a proper budget and execute a campaign with reasonable goals, the answer is YES!

We have many successful SEO customers and you can hear a few of their stories here:

How Can SEO Help A Small Business?

Your time IS MONEY….and our experience and technology allows for swift action. Don’t wear too many hats. We run your online marketing while you run your business.

How Long Does SEO Take to ‘Kick In’?

We look to capitalize on your current online marketing efforts to drive relevant visitors to your site ASAP. Every website and business is different. We customize our strategy to fit our clients needs. Call us to find out time frames.

How Long Do I Have To Pay For SEO?

Organic traffic is always cheaper than paid traffic when you hit top page. Diversifying your approach is always smart but not always feasible for small businesses. Sometimes paid traffic is just too expensive for a small company. That makes an ongoing and long term SEO strategy smart and effective. We can help drive down your Adwords cost.

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Sometimes, customers or nefarious competitors can say bad things about your business. Bad reviews and disparaging comments about your business will hurt your sales. We work to suppress those sites and promote your business in a positive light within the search engines. We capitalize on the good reviews that are written about your company online and make sure they are at the top of the search engines. It is always best to partner with a reputation management company with good reviews.

What Is Online Reputation Marketing?

Reputation Management is reacting to bad reviews or nefarious competitors who would employ negative SEO tactics. Reputation Marketing is taking a  proactive approach to building your brand and holding a strong grasp of your market. We do this by boosting your social messages, videos and positive reviews on Google to showcase the exceptional services you provide to your clients. When someone searches for “your  name” + reviews or “your brand” + reviews, they will see all of your satisfied customers listed on the top page of Google. This approach will help you avoid the more costly option of online reputation repair. Hiring an SEO company with good reviews is your first step.

What Is Video Marketing?

YouTube now has more viewers than traditional TV. We work to boost your rankings within YouTube and also get your videos listed on organic Google results. Your videos can generate leads when people can find them. Our Youtube Marketing Services help build your brand.

How Can YouTube Help Generate More Leads For My Business?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet. Everyone uses it and we capitalize on boosting your videos to the top of search results. We can also create videos for you….just ask.

How Do I Use Social Media To Generate More Business And Sales?

FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social channels are now household names. A strong social presence shows your potential clients that you serve your community well. We work to rank your social channels on the top page of Google and consult with you on how to manage those channels properly to build your brand and generate more sales! We make Social Media Management easy.

What Is Digital Branding?

When your site and social channels do well on the search engines for generic terms related to your business, your business name (Digital Brand) is strong and prevalent throughout your industry. Strong branding means trust…..and more sales.

What Is Google Search Domination?

When we bring visibility on Google to your site, social channels and videos to the top page for generic terms your competitors desire….we have achieved “Google Search Domination”!

What Is Conversion Optimization?

Once we achieve strong visibility and branding on the search engines and you are getting relevant visitors to your site, we must “convert” those visitors into phone calls and sales. There is an art and science to this practice and we have the tools and experience to make it happen.

What Is Persuasion Copy?

Writing good copy is one of the “arts” that makes a visitor call you or buy your products. Again, our technology and experience will allow for positive results for your business.

What Is The Difference Between ‘Black Hat SEO’ & ‘White Hat SEO’?

These are marketing terms within the SEO industry that don’t hold a lot of weight in the business world. Google changes the algorithm that dictates search engine results on a regular basis and also incorporates Artificial Intelligence (Rank Brain) to do so. Lucid Leverage utilizes industry best practices along with tried and true methods to build long term SEO results built on conservative standards and cutting edge technology.

What Is Reverse SEO?

Reverse SEO can be used to suppress negative publicity that targets your company in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By pushing bad reviews and press onto pages of Google, those pages will be prevented from gaining attention or visibility to your brand. It’s important to realize the potentially devastating effects of negative press and reviews will have on your business and how reverse SEO can help you manage your company’s Online Reputation Management and overall branding in the digital world including search engines and social media. We make sure that potential customers see your positive reviews first on Google!

Are You Equipped To Handle Google’s New Rankbrain Algorithm?

Rankbrain (Google’s new artificial intelligence algorithm) is real. Lucid Leverage has heavily invested in new AI to keep up with Google’s latest algorithm. This technology allows us to stay on the vanguard of digital marketing. As our client, you will benefit from the latest advances in AI based systems targeted at gaining more visibility for your brand on Google.

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