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How is your business listed?

Do you want your business to be listed on Google maps for the services you provide?

Accurate business listings are crucial to the success of your SEO and Google map placement! Lucid Local will fix and update your business listings in real time including enhanced content with control from one centralized platform.

Other services simply submit your information to the directories while our service has full control of the information due to our direct partnerships with every publisher that displays your information. We can update your listings across 60+ local directory websites from our control panel and you will see those updates within 48 hours. These updates include adding YouTube videos and pictures to your business listings along with links to your website. Google loves that and your SEO strategy will be enhanced!

We get your local business found on Google so you can grow your business. Call Today!

Today, it’s much more than simply monitoring a few listings, local placement takes a specialist approach.

Everyone has to start from somewhere. Give us a call today to learn more.

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