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When Your Business Or Brand Does Something Notable, Do People Notice?

Do You Need Professional Press Release Writers To Get Your Audience To Pay Attention To What You Have To Say?

Hire An Experienced PR Agency Now.

High Quality Press Release Writing and Distribution Services.

When your team has won an award, launched a new product, released a new song or a highly useful piece of software, acquired a new company or has just received a five star review from a valued client, it’s big news. These are great things that prove the results of your hard work, consistent drive and success in your industry. That’s why when you let people know about your business and brand, you have to make sure your news creates an impact with your audience including the press, bloggers, Google and social media. Once they pick up your new press release and feature them in their respective stories or blog posts, it will gain exposure across a wider audience in the relevant market and influence the search engines in your favor.

At Lucid Leverage, we have a unique approach to effective press release writing that focuses on powerful messaging and producing high-quality content. We also have a huge network of social media hubs and affiliations to networks like Yahoo Finance, Gannett, FOX, ABC, NBC and the CW (among others), to connections with influencers and sources like Google News. Our network brings a lot of power over the search engines so your brand name gets more visibility on Google. Working with an experienced PR agency will put you at a strong advantage to your competitors.

We know what will get you noticed by editors and your target audience as well as what will drive traffic and increase your visibility across the internet. By implementing an effective digital marketing strategy, our professional press release writers and vast distribution network will give your business that significant impact with an impressive press release. Create that impact today!

Amplify Your Message The Right Way

Lucid Leverage’s writing team provides press release services that will help you streamline your content needs and attract the right attention from the right people. Here’s how our press releases can help you.

Increase Sales Potential

Our experienced press release writers know how to write an effective press release that will get the attention of journalists, media personnel, industry influencers and the search engines. With attractive press releases that are written properly, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry which increases your sales potential.

Increase SEO

Your finished press release will get picked up by Google and when done right, they will improve your search engine rankings. Our professional writers not only create beautifully written and detailed press releases but they will also do extensive keyword research relative to your industry, to find the best key phrases to drive more traffic to your website.

Boost Your Digital Brand

An accurate and attention-grabbing press release will help establish you as a leader in your industry. When made in line with your monthly content strategy and link building, they can also be a great addition to your overall marketing strategy and online reputation management. Cost-effective press releases are part of a great campaign involving your SEO and Reputation Management to get you the best value for your investment.

What Can You Expect From A Press Release Written By Lucid Leverage?

Qualified and Experienced Writers

All of our writers are seasoned wordsmiths who know just what your target market wants to see and how to get your message across to them in the most attractive way according to press organizations and search engine algorithms. We also have a diligent team of American based content editors who have the last say in what gets published. With highly qualified writers and editors putting out quality and compelling content, journalists, industry influencers and Google will take you more seriously. Hiring a PR agency is the right choice.

Original Content

To get noticed, your press release must have fresh and original content that will gain attention. In our content creation process, our writers and editors do extensive research to make sure that your press release is accurate and 100% original.

SEO Optimized

Our expert writers are also SEO experts. To maximize your press release, we do extensive keyword research to determine the search intent of your target audience before creating the content. Targeting key phrases that will bring you more leads is part of our strategy.

Journalistic Tone

Our skilled press release writers know how to adapt the tone and style that will get the attention of journalists and other industry influencers and make them interested in your news. They write in a genuine journalistic tone that will get the maximum distributions within our network and beyond.

Edited and Proofread

One of the things that separates an average press release or a bad press release from one that gets maximum results is content editing and proofreading. A press release containing grammar, spelling or punctuation errors will make your company look unprofessional.

Before submitting the final output, our editors double-check all of our work to ensure it is accurate and error-free.

Why Lucid Leverage?

More often than not, companies send out press releases that don’t contain any useful or new information. That’s why journalists or influencers don’t pay them any mind. To truly make an impact, you should publish a press release with information that they can easily turn into a story. Consistency is also key when applying a successful SEO and reputation management campaign, so publishing press releases every month is paramount.

At Lucid Leverage, we work side by side with you to create engaging, informative, and truthful press releases that will capture and hold onto the interest of your target demographic. We will tell your story in a way that makes it interesting for journalists, Google and social media influencers who are involved in your industry.

We will work alongside you each step of the way taking your input and feedback into consideration. You’ll also hold complete ownership of your release which allows you to republish it to as many media channels as you like.

We understand that you are trusting us, as your PR agency to be the voice of your brand so we strive to create content that will impress your audience.

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