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Accelerate Your Agency’s Growth By Offering SEO Services To Your Existing Clients.

Get Started Fast With No Overhead Expenses.

Work Alongside An Experienced SEO Partner And Grow Your Monthly Residual Income.

White Label SEO Reports

The Lucid Leverage SEO reseller program is built to be resold right out of the box with a complete “white-label” solution. That means that your branding is on the monthly reports along with your logos, phone numbers and taglines. 100% private label. Our reports come in a variety of formats that you can style as you please or resell them just as they are. Your clients will never know that we built the links for you!

Need help selling SEO?

We create a professional testimonial video to help you attract clients & sell them SEO services by first delivering a tangible product. We also work with your team and give them the tools needed to introduce this superb SEO service to your clients. When you’re done, you’ll be able to confidently offer SEO to your client base and beyond.

Amazing Support

The Lucid Leverage Reseller Program was designed with amazing customer service as our top priority. Our support team and SEO consultants are here to go above and beyond to help you expand your client offerings while helping you make more monthly residual income. Whether it’s helping you get more from your digital marketing campaigns or just answering any questions, you can depend on Lucid Leverage.

Overview Of A Private Label SEO Reseller In Indianapolis Indiana

Marketing online has a different set of principles and procedures than businesses in the bricks-and-mortar realm used to require, yet there are many similarities which are growing more complex as the days go by. Putting a website on one of the hundreds of available hosting platforms and designing a website is hard to do and is just the beginning of your digital marketing strategy, particularly if you are a business owner trying to do the process yourself, while at the same time trying to keep your business afloat. Just learning the terms associated with online marketing can cause heartburn if you are a novice. Some of the terms you will be exposed to include White Label, black hat, search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, conversion and traffic. If you discover you might need a white label SEO reseller in Indianapolis, Indiana, read on to learn more. Lucid Leverage is just such a digital marketing agency.

SEO resellers take action on the behalf of the client. They establish the business’s presence in the world of digital marketing in the same way as if it had been personally handled by the business. There are also search engine optimization reseller programs which have created options for other agencies to set up their own reseller agencies. Whether or not you understand the term SEO and how to use it, the implementation of search engine optimization correctly is crucial to the success of the business.

Briefly speaking, search engine optimization is the process of making the marketing campaign elements more visible online. This process can be applied to the website, to social media platforms and even to off-line campaigns. Search engines such as Google are used to identify which terms potential customers might type into search boxes when they are looking for products or information. Through technology, the Google platform collects information about hundreds and even millions of keywords. The location of these words or phrases are presented to the searcher with the most likely result on the first page of results. Searchers can then click on one or more of the results to be connected to the actual page where the keyword resides. All of this searching and results requires only a fraction of a second in most instances.

Using a varied path to SEO ensures that the you will have lasting visibility on the search engines irrespective of what your competition does to limit you. In other words, Lucid Leverage not only focuses on your website, but also focuses on your social media to get your Facebook page, Twitter profile and YouTube videos ranked and searchable on Google. We do all the link building for you and make sure that the networks remain hidden so that when your client gets to the top page of Google, his or her competitors can’t “backward engineer” our systems.

There is no question that most searchers focus on the first page of the results on Google. Further, they are likely to take their chances with the first two or three url addresses on the page. Lucid Leverage works very diligently to ensure that their client’s website appears in one of the top positions. We do so through a number of tested and proven means. One of these means is to place an appropriate number of keywords in the right locations on the website along with a consistent and relevant link building strategy.

Today’s buying public doesn’t go to a telephone directory or other printed materials to decide where to find a specific product or service. More and more, they use the internet and their mobile devices and in particular, Google. This is especially true for local area searches. Customers looking for a place to enjoy Italian foods or prom outfit rentals want to see what is close by their own location. These potential customers trust the search engine to provide the most likely results for their needs.

Conversion is another term that is found often when talking about online marketing or e-commerce sales. It is used to refer to those visitors to a website which proceed to the next step of actually purchasing the product or service. Savvy shoppers who find the information about the product or service which allows them to be confident about their buying decision are more likely to make the transition from looker to buyer. The term ‘traffic’ is related to conversion. You can have lots of people looking at your business website, but not buying the product. This may be caused by a variety of things, ranging from a poorly written website to incomplete information to lengthy loading times. Most potential buyers want to get into the website, locate the necessary information and make the purchase. They do not appreciate waiting times while the spinning circle appears in the middle of the screen.

A ‘white label’ on a service or item means it is produced by one company and other companies can rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. In this instance, Lucid Leverage is the SEO agency which creates the service for its clients. The professionals are SEO, social media management and online reputation marketing specialists. We are able to bring organic traffic to your clients website. We are also skilled at social media and producing YouTube videos. All marketing campaigns are designed to fit each individual client.

One of the newer services available from Lucid Leverage gives clients an edge on their competition. The customers exploring a search request results will see the positive reviews of the client’s business first on Google. A process of repairing poor reviews and testimonials can be done by driving the bad reviews down in the results. Most individuals will not search through dozens of good reviews to see if there are any which are less than stellar.

Bad reviews and reputation-destroying posts on the World Wide Web can do a great deal of damage to the image of a business. The reviews which describe the business unfavorably may be done deliberately by a competitor to harm the business, or may be the result of a genuinely bad experience with the product or service.

Lucid Leverage, private label SEO resellers in Indianapolis, Indiana are a team of professionals well able to take care of all of these online marketing components and even more. We are knowledgeable and experienced, as well as being focused on the relationships with each of our business clients. Lucid Leverage is a well-respected SEO agency with the skills to apply to your business website in order to expand your online presence.

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