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Reputation Management For Celebrities

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We Boost Your Positive Press While Suppressing Bad News About You.

Let Us Keep Your Name Clean On Google Searches!

The Reality

Celebrities and politicians have a reputation to uphold in order to further their business and brand. The internet has made online reputation management for celebrities a necessity. A late night Tweet or social media post that you regret can go viral and damage your brand. A video taken of you in a moment you weren’t prepared for and posted to YouTube can not only be embarrassing but can hurt your bottom line.

What We Do

We use every technology available, including AI (artificial intelligence) to make sure any embarrassing Tweets or bad press is suppressed on the search engines. When you issue a public statement to be picked up by the major press channels, we make sure that your positive press outranks your negative press on Google. We will work closely with your press agency to make sure the positive message is put front and center on all the search engines. Social media management for celebrities and influencers is also an important piece of the puzzle that we leverage to mold your reputation.

Your Unfair Advantage

Our ability to heavily influence the search engines in your favor will give you a distinct advantage in the market place. Of course, it is always best to be pro active instead of re active. Reputation marketing for celebrities is the best approach to take to ensure that you have a solid hold on your name, brand and positive image online.

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Our reputation marketing technology and consulting is on the cutting edge of celebrity public relations. Being able to control the search engines in your favor is what we do best. We work with all Celebrities, Actors, Pro Athletes, Musicians, Politicians and Public Relations Agencies that need help. Call Now For A Free Consult!

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