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Most businesses today understand the importance of high quality search engine optimization in their marketing campaigns. Such efforts are useful both to get traffic from Google and in social media platforms organically. CBD and MMJ businesses are unique in that Google, Facebook and YouTube do not allow PPC campaigns to be run in this industry. The best option for getting traffic is [previous_page anchor=”SEO for MMJ dispensaries”] and [next_page anchor=”SEO for CBD”]. Lucid Leverage can help in the marketing of both CBD and MMJ businesses because of our extensive experience in this niche. We focus on getting your website to the top of organic Google search results and posting engaging content effectively to your social media platforms and YouTube. There are buzzwords and unique features in any industry but medical marijuana dispensaries and CBD oil websites are unusual in that most other SEO companies won’t help because the controversial nature of the business. Lucid Leverage provides SEO for CBD websites and SEO for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada and across the USA.

The professional team at Lucid Leverage has both the knowledge to do SEO techniques effectively and the realization of the specific buzzwords and features of the CBD and MMJ(medical marijuana) dispensaries industry. There are some unique factors which enter into preparing search engine optimization for CBD websites and dispensaries. Because of the nature of the main products, careful attention must be paid to the legalities of the wording as well as of the offerings themselves. While the dispensaries may understand some of the limitations, it is up to the digital marketing firm to display the cannabis products in a way that demonstrates compliance with the laws and statutes while still getting the improved and sustained visibility on organic Google search and social media including Youtube.

A descriptive explanation of the features of the products is important, whether the purchase is done through cannabis e-commerce within a CBD online store or at one of the licensed marijuana dispensaries. Some of the factors which are important to buyers are the form of the product. MMJ (Medical Marijuana) might be sold as a flower, vape juice or as a pre-rolled joint. CBD oil is another popular form which can be found in the dispensaries and online stores. More ways in which the product may be sold include cookies, MMJ gummies, beverages in various flavors and medicated oils and butters. The form of MMJ and CBD oil which is purchased will depend upon the intended usage and legalities from state to state within the United States of America.

Customers want to find information about the cultivation of the plants which form the basis of products sold in the dispensaries. Discussion of applicable cultivation methods will include facts about how the organic  medical marijuana is environmentally friendly in the way it is grown. The information on a website will also refer to the level of THC and CBD in the plant inventory. Customers would also be interested in the purity of products. No one wants to be using MMJ or CBD which has been treated with fungicides and/or pesticides. Because the marijuana plants are to be used as medicinal products, purity is absolutely critical. Cleanliness throughout the entire growing and packaging process is described on the website, which helps to encourage buyers to trust the seller and either buy CBD online or medical marijuana through your state sanctioned dispensary.

There are various strains of medical marijuana products with varying genetics. A dispensary may have custom strains which have been developed over years of growing marijuana plants. The level of THC and quality of the CBD will depend on the strain and individual lab processing of the CBD (cannabidiol) oil.  It is helpful to customers to be informed about what they are getting for their money. 5 star customer testimonial videos about your CBD products and medical marijuana products can be helpful in showing satisfaction with a particular strain or product type and help you sell more to grow your profits. At Lucid Leverage, our digital marketing team will produce the review videos about your premium CBD products and custom strains of marijuana and publish them to YouTube and other platforms for maximum exposure and the ability to embed those videos on your website. This feature on a website allows the customer to get as detailed as they desire, without overwhelming a buyer who already knows what they want. Marijuana and CBD review videos may describe a strain or a product more effectively than just a simple blog or text based tweet.

A growing number of customers depend upon mobile devices for information about CBD products and finding an MMJ (medical marijuana) dispensary location nearby. Search engine optimisation for CBD and MMJ dispensaries must also take mobile devices into consideration when designing websites and social media posts. Fast and easy access is important both to social media platform users and website users. No one wants to wait for more than a brief pause for the web page to load into the computer or mobile device. If the marijuana website is at the top of these rankings, searchers will tend to go there first but they will give up and move on to another site if the response is slow. Where you host CBD websites and host dispensary websites is crucial not only for the speed needed but also because some hosting companies refuse to host marijuana websites because of the controversial nature of the products. Lucid Leverage is a unique digital marketing agency that caters to CBD businesses and marijuana industry websites. We can build the sites, host them, market them and even set up the credit card processing for your CBD or MMJ website.

The website needs to be visually appealing to humans, as well as meeting the requirements of search engines. The placement of information on the website is important when catching the eye of a reader. The information that a searcher is looking for needs to be clearly identifiable quickly, rather than be buried in the depths of a website. The landing page must load quickly and smoothly, and the links between various internal pages must also load quickly. The CBD website designer needs to ensure that there are no broken or circular links. Such errors lead to frustration on the part of the site visitor and will hurt your Google rankings. Lucid Leverage takes great care to build medical marijuana websites and CBD websites to conform with all regulations and also ensure that your CBD or MMJ website gets Google search visibility organically.

Site security is another important feature which the search engine optimization professionals must provide. This applies both to the payment process and the providing of sensitive information in order to complete payment, but to the assurance that the product will not be available to youngsters under the age set by laws and regulations. Authorities want to ensure that the product is available in accordance with Nevada’s statutes and not by those who do not have authorized access to the product.

There is no question about the need for appropriate SEO skills in any marketing campaign. When searching for search engine optimization for CBD companies in Las Vegas, Nevada and SEO for marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada, there is also specific requirements and procedures which are related to the product itself and any regulations at local, state and federal levels which may apply. Not only the initial web design is important but the ability to make appropriate changes and improvements in accordance with changing requirements and preferences related to changing algorithms from Google. A highly qualified and experienced digital marketing firm like Lucid Leverage knows the marijuana and CBD industry well and excels in providing SEO and reputation management services to ensure that the business has a favorable reputation online. Website content needs to be fresh and appealing to readers, so that there is a reason for prospective customers to come back to the site again and again in order to read new materials. Ensuring that changes in product offerings is noted on the website is another way to stay current. Lucid Leverage is a trusted and experienced digital marketing agency for CBD and MMJ businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada and we even provide merchant services such as credit card processing for CBD websites.

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