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Do you want your business to be listed on Google maps for the services you provide?

Lucid Leverage is a digital marketing agency specializing in online reputation management (ORM), search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube marketing and social media marketing across the USA, Canada and the UK. Performing SEO since 2005, Our experience and partnerships in Phoenix, Los Angeles and New York City allow for successful digital marketing strategies with cutting edge, tried and true methods along with industry best practices that deliver real results. Our team has experience working with the largest companies and brightest minds in the web hosting and internet marketing industry. Building a strong presence on the search engines is difficult for most small businesses….

We make it simple.

We help businesses by improving their web presence…

We specialize in Reputation Marketing, YouTube Marketing Services, affordable SEO and driving business to our clients’ sites and Social Profiles.

Get your website, social media profiles and YouTube videos the exposure they deserve.

Looking for Reliable SEO?

So, who do you trust to handle SEO and Online Reputation Management Services for your business? Experience and long term strategy is everything when working to get organic search results for your business along with establishing strong Social Media Marketing to engage with your current clientele. You should look to partner with a digital marketing agency that has seasoned and cutting edge SEO experts working on your online marketing strategy that care about your bottom line. Investing in your website and brand is like investing in real estate. We are not here looking for a quick buck. We are building a strong foundation to bring in consistent leads and sales….year after year to keep your business profitable long into the future.

Reliable SEO services are hard to find.  Finding the right digital marketing company is never easy. There are so many unscrupulous and incompetent agencies out there and chances are, you have probably given them money only to see little to no results. Some SEO consultants and SEO service providers offer a guarantee to get on the top page of Google. Even if a company could guarantee top page Google results with long term effects, turning that visibility into real leads and sales is another thing altogether. There is much more to Online Marketing than getting to the top page of Google.

When speaking of marketing in general, there is no such thing as a guarantee of how much Return On Investment (ROI) you can see in relation to marketing dollars spent. Although, traditional marketing efforts are understood to bring brand awareness and increased visibility, online marketing efforts can also bring conversion metrics and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) numbers that make real dollars and sense. Being able to target and track the visitors to your site and keeping your cost as low as possible for those targeted visitors will enable small businesses to grow to medium sized businesses and beyond.

Most small business owners set out to learn how to get organic visitors to a website and usually get bogged down in the effort because of the time involved and some of the bogus info found on the internet. Learning how to do SEO on your own as a business owner can actually cripple the growth of your business. Your time will be much better spent running the day to day operations of your business and your money will be better spent hiring professional and affordable SEO consultants to handle this work for you. There is a large investment in tools, education and experience that will put you at a disadvantage to your competitors who do decide to hire SEO experts. Partnering with strong digital marketing specialists will put your business at a huge advantage when setting out to grow by using internet driven leads.

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