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Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Get a “Google My Business” Listing:

  1. Go to the Google Business Page to start the process.
  2. Click on “Start Now”
  3. Log in to your google account

It is preferred that you have a separate Google account for your business. If not, a personal account will work, but you can also set up an account here for your business.

  1. Fill out the following form

The next page will prompt you to fill out your business name and your store’s address and following information. The map will zoom in to your exact location. This address will appear on your listing when Google users perform a search for your business. That’s why it is so important to be as accurate as possible and use details.

  1. Choose your Category

On the same form as above, the last option will prompt you to select a category to describe your business. This is a very important. When you choose your category, you are telling Google how to classify your business. You want to be as accurate as possible when you describe your business, because that is how people will see your business in a search. Check out this  list of business categories. You want to choose your category based on what your business is and does rather than what your business has. For example, if you are a clothing store in Los Angeles, you sell clothes. That’s what you do. But, you also have belts in your store. Even though you have belts, you would not put your category as “Belts Store”. You would still be a “Clothing Store”.

Also, this list of guidelines directly from Google advises you how best to create your GMB listing.

  1. Verify (email or phone number)

This step will prompt Google to send you an email or to give you a phone call and give you a verification code. You will then find your store location on the next page, click verify, and enter the verification code. This legitimizes your business and your store location.

  1. Fill out the info

Go to your dashboard once your GMB location is verified and click on the “Info” tab. This is where you will fill out all of the additional information like your website, hours of operation, or attach any pictures. Be as thorough as possible during this step!

You have now completed your GMB account! Now you can be found by internet customers, get Google reviews, have links to your website, and more. Google My Business is essential for all businesses. This helps Google figure out who you are, and helps your customers find where you are in the Google maps section of the search engine.

If you have questions about GMB or want to do more to step up your SEO for your brand or business, contact us here at Lucid Leverage. We are experts in local SEO, digital branding and social media marketing and want to help you get on the front page of Google.

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